Linear campaigns have a bit of a bad wrap, but you can map for them in such a way that it still feels like a whole open world! And that’s what the goal is here. Taking a break from Oasis City, this map is all about trying to create a full world feeling for a campaign that’s more or less A to B to C. So join me on this four session epic of creating a map for a linear style campaign!

The final result? Pretty satisfactory! There’s a lot more that could be done in terms of polish or finishing touches, like adding trail/road markers, throwing some extra farmland around the main city and village, maybe a little lake? But for the purposes of getting a linear style campaign started, it’s set. The map communicates the directional components, gives a few options for backgrounds and inspirational points, and lays some groundwork for a basic storyline.

This map was made using the browser based Inkarnate mapping app, with a Pro level license. Only conventional stamps provided from in the app were used.

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