The four core classes of Basic Fantasy RPG are classics, but they’re a bit too basic for the kinds of adventures and ability for players to try new things than I prefer. Fortunately, the mechanics of the game make it easy to create new classes. As a forewarning, these classes are more “powerful” than the conventional classes and optional classes, in keeping with the style and mode of the game we’re playing. Not overbearingly so, but they do have more ability and capability.

As with the classes presented on the Basic Fantasy RPG site, these are available here in three formats, pdf, docx, and odt, so that they can be used by anyone. WARNING: I make these on Google Docs, and the only format I can be 100% certain of for layout is the pdf one. The other two are rolling the dice and may not appear “right” after download.

All of these classes should be considered “playtest” or “beta” in their current state unless otherwise noted. As they get played and input comes back, changes will likely be implemented.

Fighter Series
These classes are based on the Fighter class, offering different takes on the traditional fighter. The core idea behind all of them was to make them viable through the entire campaign, from level 1 to 20, as the Fighter class has always struggled in this area as Clerics and Magic-Users eventually out paced them.

F01: Armsman
The Armsman is a specialist in combat on foot, using advanced weapon specialization in melee weapons and armour specialization to stay in the fight till the end. Their main strength is their multiple attacks per round and increased chances of a critical strike with specialized weapons, and improved AC and damage resistance gained by specializing in armour.

Cleric Series

The Cleric series of classes are based on the Cleric class and the optional Paladin class; creating a simple three stage spectrum of classes that can augment a regular party, or act as a party in of themselves. This has involved re-imaging to a certain extent, and to prevent them from outpacing other classes or underperforming at higher levels.

C01: Zealot
Zealots are the elite footsoldiers and doers of underhanded deeds for their faiths, with abilities derived from their unshakable faith. Medium weight combatants with a small selection of Thief skills and their Faith ability, they can fufill a wide array of tasks, and are often used as official and unofficial agents by their faiths.