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Making a Linear Campaign Map! Day 1!

Linear campaigns have a bit of a bad wrap, but you can map for them in such a way that it still feels like a whole open world! And that’s what the goal is here. Taking a break from Oasis City, this map is all about tryign to create a full world feeling for a campaign that’s more or less A to B to C!

Oasis City Day 5

Mapping in 90 minute blocks is as fun as it is challenging. On day five of the Oasis City map, I got into some gardening and laid out an “old district”. It’s really coming together well and I’m digging how the map is communicating that this isn’t a conventional run of the mill area. More mapping next Tuesday, live on Twitch, Facebook, and YouTube!

Oasis City Day 4

This was a good day for Oasis City! One of the big challenges with this style of mapping is the perspective of the map, so there was a lot of fixes in this stream. The city is coming together nicely, and I’m looking forward to finishing it then developing an encounter zone for it!

Oasis City Day 3!

Day 3 sees us getting into the weeds a bit around the world building for this desert city! The upper city area is replaced by palm trees, and there’s a fun interlude where I go down the rabbit hole of palm trees, their fruit, and more! Overall I think the city comes out better than it was and actually has some supports to how people can survive there.

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