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What is OPIGS?

The One Page GamIng System was originally written by David Morgan-Mar in 1987, and published in 1992. It was a rules lite tabletop RPG that can be printed, double sided, on a single sheet of paper. And at some point, David released it into the wild.


Well, on or about 1997, I discovered this game on a site I found by searching “free rpg” on a Lycos search. And it blew my mind. I was used to Palladium stuff, Traveller: The New Era, and 2e AD&D, and suddenly here was a perfectly functional ultra-lite game. For free. I printed it. Then I printed a copy of it and gave it to my buddy. That copy got photocopied. Soon, it was small but regular part of our gaming lives. It went with me to Afghanistan years later, and then, recently, unable to find my copy, I searched for it again. What I found was disappointing. The game was all but absent from the internet. Its old homes long gone, and with only mentions of it most times it came up. This wasn’t on.

OPIGS Forever!

I found a copy of the game, but it was still in its old “print this webpage” format. So for posterity and ease of access, I copied, pasted, and did some formatting to get it back to a single sheet of letter sized paper. After a bit more tinkering on a separate copy, I was ready to go, except one thing. I don’t own this game. So I contacted David Morgan-Mar to find out about the reformatting, editing, and whether it was cool if I put it (and expansions) online. He gave the green light, so here it is!

Original OPIGS

These two files are the mildly reformatted original game, almost identical to the one you would have found in 1997. It’s here in docx and PDF format. Just like the original, it’s made to fit on a single sheet of letter size paper, printed on both sides.


OPIGS_R (docx)


This version of OPIGS has been edited, reformatted, and has a new layout! It’s functionally the same game, just with a few clarifications and so on. Think of it as OPIGS 1.1, ready to be printed and provide a basis for all kinds of adventures! Like the original, it fits neatly on a letter size sheet of paper, printed on both sides.


OPIGS_RE (docx)

OPIGSMS Monster Sheet

Need something to keep track of your monsters on? These ready sheets are what you’re looking for! It’s one letter sized page, double sided, and each side has space for three monsters!


OPIGSMS (docx)

Legal Information:

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