House Rules


This is the collection of house rules that our campaign is operating under that separate it from a conventional game of Basic Fantasy RPG. Having house rules is a norm for many RPG players, and is something that a relatively rules light system like Basic Fantasy RPG thrive on. A lot of the house rules here are in place more because of the modified nature of the classes and my desire for lower adventurer attrition rates at lower levels. I know that goes somewhat against the OSR spirit of Basic Fantasy RPG, but hey, it’s my table!

Session Zero:
Pre-character creation, there’s a planning and talk session to get everyone on the same page and ready for adventure. This can be redone if new players join the group so they can slide into play as seemlessly as possible.

No Class Restrictions: 
Players may pick any available player race or class combination, players are encouraged to try the game specific classes.

No Combination Classes:
Because the classes for this game are already heavily modified, or new, no combination classes are allowed at this time.

Extra Player Races:
Players may select from the additional demihuman and monster races in the optional lists. Exceptional choices are to be discussed with the GM and other players as required prior to character creation.

Starting HP:
Player characters start with their CON score in HP, then accumulate HP normally after that.

Optional Rules in Play: 
A number of optional rules are in play, and can be found where they occur in the player race and class descriptions. Magic users in particular pay attention.