About Me

I’m a lapsed academic, have adventured with the army, been a commercial and scientific diver, done wet site archaeology, and now I’m writing, critiquing, and being a dad!

Media inquiries welcome!

Who am I?

My name’s Graeme Barber, and I was born and raised British Columbia, Canada. I got into science fiction in grade three or so, and into all kinds of roleplaying games and videogames as a teenager in the Okanagan. My background is mixed Kikuyu and Scottish, and I currently live with my partner (the missus) and our amazing daughter (the wee bairn). I currently doing freelance writing and producing my own content as a full-time gig.

My life history is varied and adventurous. I have an Advanced GIS Certificate and an Environmental Studies Associate of Arts from Okanagan College. The latter of which was an elaborate operation to get as many archaeology credits as possible in a school that didn’t have an Archaeology or Anthropology focus for its Associates programme. I’ve worked as a commercial and scientific diver, had the privilege of working on some amazing wet sites for archaeology, and I’m a veteran with the Army’s Primary Reserves with three NATO tours overseas.

What do I do here?

Review and Critique Games and Media

Present my own Creative Works

Instructional Pieces on World Building

Push back against Racism in the RPG world

My Credits and Appearances

Writing Credits (My Own Works)
2023 – The Foundation
2021 – Nova Suno
2020 – Fight City the Role-Playing Game
2020 – Wave Chasers
2020 – Station Hunt: the Game of Survival in Isolation
2020 – Variant Experience and Levelling Rules

Writing Credits (Contributor)
2023 – Anansi’s Tapestry of Lives, Neverending Inc.
2022 – Blue Planet: Recontact, Biohazard Games via GKG (release pending)
2021 – Hard Wired Island, Weird Age Games
2021 – Candlekeep Mysteries, Wizards of the Coast [1][2]
2020 – Rivers of London, Chaosium (Ennie Award Winner!)
2019 – Archons of Nikud by High Level Games (material unreleased)

Creative Contribution Credits
2019 – Legends of Hamanshiron, Hamanshiron Publishing

Appearances and Interviews
2022 – GenCon Online – Guest Player, d20 Dames Live Show!
2021 – Wired (Discussing Work in TTRPG Industry) – article
2021 – Wired (Discussing Racism in D&D) – article
2021 – Orcacon 2021 – Gaming in a Time of Covid Panel – video
2021 – Orcacon 2021 – Mapping Your World Workshop – video
2021 – Orcacon 2021 – Building Your World Workshop – video
2021 – If This Goes On Don’t Panic (discussing RPGs news in 2020) – podcast
2020 – If This Goes On Don’t Panic (discussing racism in games) – podcast
2020 – Guest Player, d20 Dames (OrcaCon Special and Series Finale)
2020 – CouchCon 2020 with Chromatic Chimera (Discussing World Building) – video
2020 – Orcacon 2020, panelist and workshop
2019 – Guest Player, d20 Dames (D&D Live 2019) – podcast
2018 – The Gauntlet Podcast (Discussing Racism in D&D) – podcast
2017 – Dragon Talk (Discussing Racism in D&D and Chult) – podcast
2017 – Kotaku (Discussing Racism in D&D and Chult) – article
2017 – Virtual Fantasy Con, Realism in Fantasy Warfare – video