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Black Lightning Review

Last night, Black Lightning debuted on The CW, a channel noted for its high quality adaptations of DC properties. Fighting for space against the upcoming Black Panther film by Marvel and Netflix’s second season of Luke Cage later this year, how does it all go down?  Time for a spoiler packed review!
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Star Trek Discovery Review

Used for review purposes.

Last night saw the action packed two episode release of the long awaited Star Trek Discovery series by CBS. We saw it up here in Canada back to back on Space. After months and months of hype, does the show have what it takes to be a hit? Spoilers ahead in the POCGamer review of Star Trek Discovery!
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Exorcising Ghost in the Shell

The numbers are coming in, and the Scarlett Johannson headlined Ghost in the Shell live action film is taking a boot to the teeth. [1][2][3] While some critics have given it the inevitable puffy reviews that get splashed across advertisements for it, the majority who are in the know about the original property it was based on have panned it. So where did the film go wrong, and is the whitewashing controversy really the only reason this film lost on its opening weekend to a CGI animated talking baby?
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