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It’s a no go on Robotech Academy

UN_SPACY_by_n1nj4_Katak_chanMy last post was a brief examination of the Robotech series, where I looked at the relatively friendly atmosphere it had towards in POC in three of the four story lines. [1] I also mentioned that they were holding a Kickstarter Campaign for the latest fever dream to dredged out of the memory of Carl Macek, “Robotech Academy”. As of the time of this writing, the campaign has been terminated by Harmony Gold, at less than half the requested amount of half a million dollars, with about six days left.[2] In the Canadian Army, we have a practice called an “After Action Review”, where we examine the background of, plan of, and execution of every mission and training event we conduct. Given Harmony Gold’s atrocious record, it’s time to do a bit of an AAR and figure out what went wrong and how to avoid it going wrong in future.
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