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Cyberpunk RED’s Deepdown

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Cyberpunk has it’s obvious setting, Night City. It has the well known optional sub-setting, Orbit. But there’s another sub-setting, and a lot of good info about it! So join me under the waves for the Aquatic Summer special episode for Cyberpunk’s hidden world of the Deepdown!

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Going Aquatic Part 5: Underwater Weirdness

I know I promised some movie analysis to help with your games, but the rewatches, note taking, and all that are more time consuming than anticipated. Not to worry though! Because this is the world building article you didn’t know you needed! Time to talk about how going underwater makes things freaky so you can ramp up the tension at the table when your players take the plunge.

WARNING: this is a broad overview of some of the science behind diving and the physiological effects it has. It’s not comprehensive, and there’s whole books on the topic. Diving without proper training is dangerous in the extreme. This article is just a collection of underwater effects and realities and how they might be applied to a tabletop RPG.

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Going Aquatic Part 4

When last we left off, the broad areas of designing an aquatic setting suitable for an adventure or campaign were covered. But what about the peoples? The technology? That’s what this post is all about. Diving into some of the aspects you as a world builder may want to tap. If you missed the first parts, they’re here: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.

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