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Science Fiction and Fantasy from a Coloured Perspective.

Founded in 2013, POCGamer has developed a long ways. This is the POCGamer story.

The Beginning

In late 2013, POCGamer went live. Why? Things had gone so sideways that I felt I could no longer be a passive voice. The Nebula Awards were being battered by the Sad and Rabid Puppies movements, who were determined to fight back against the tide of diversity. This got me going, but it was the announcement that D&D’s core setting for its fifth edition was going to be Forgotten Realms that put me over the edge. Why? Because when I read up on the 4th edition of it, the world I’d known and loved had been trashed in a racist orgy of destruction that disproportionately affected the non-white parts of the world. So I dug out my academic background stuff, and started writing. Reviews, critiques, thought pieces, they all flowed out.

Since Then…

What started out as me more or less shouting into the void all changed in 2017, when I released the first part of the Tomb of Annihilation review. I was contacted by Kotaku about it. Then I was on the phone with Wizards of the Coast. Since all of that, POCGamer has grown from a small blog into something seeing respectable traffic, and I’m become a part of the larger gaming scene. In 2019, I launched the Lore Diver show, and made the leap from just reviewing games and supplements to making my own. I’m still writing reviews, critiques, and so on, because that work is important.

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