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The first professional services offered by POCGamer came in the form of consultation for world building in 2018. Since then it has quietly expanded!

Please bear in mind that I do have a normal 8 to 4:30 job and a toddler in the house, so I may not be able to accept all offers of freelance work.

Contact me for rates or with your offers.

Broad life experiences, solid research, and writing skills combining for a good end product.

World Building Consulting Service

If you’re looking to expand or build a world, refine what you already have, or engage in a full retcon, I can help you. My specialities here is helping to create things that are internally consistent, possible under the rules of the world, and that take an holistic approach.

Specialist Consulting Service

I have a broad set of experiences and knowledge, running from scuba diving to counter insurgency to archaeology and more. If you’re looking for specific aspects to add to your world and want to know how they work and how they may change things in your world, this service is for you.

Freelance Writing Service

I can write material for your game! If you want to hire me for this, please be aware that I am not familiar with all game systems, and may require reference material prior to commencement so that I write things that will actually work with your game. Writing does not include illustrations or full map services.

Mapping and Cartography Service

In my regular job, I’m a GIS technician, and I’ve been all about maps and physical and human geography for ages. I have commercial licences for Inkarnate, Worldographer, and Wonderdraft, and can produce maps for your world or specific area. If you have specific icons or symbology requirements, hose will have to be provided prior to the commencement of work.

“We were very happy with the final product you sent. I think it was quality work that evokes the setting well.

Josh Heath, High Level Games

“I very much look forward to collaborating again, Graeme! Let me know if you’re ever in Seattle. It would be great to have you come by the office.

Ari Levitch, Wizards of the Coast

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