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Oasis City Day One: Experimental Mapping

It’s always a good time when you realize that you’ve been missing out on consistent content. So I’m fixing that today! Today marked the start of a new mapping project, the Oasis City, and it was not intentional!

To be blunt, my plan today was a relaxed stream where I played around in Inkarnate figuring out how to make a depression in the ground and array a settlement around it. So I picked Regional HD and tried to get to it. Things didn’t go as planned though. And sorry about the lack of audio at the beginning!

Coming out of this though? New mapping project! After going back to Watercolour Cities as the stamp set, I got smoked by inspiration. The stamps are some of the best visually and creatively that Inkarnate has created, and I went from “Okay, so this is how it might look…” to “Oh damn, I have a whole city to make!” by the 90 minute mark.

So there it is, the start of a new mapping project! So I’ll have to balance this with finishing the Ice Station 7 maps, but it’ll be good!

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