The Company of the Black Hand

imageedit_9_4782746061 Across the interminable seas, a crusade has been waged for centuries, soaking once holy lands with the blood of the innocent and monstrous alike. Each year brings more pilgrims, warriors, and brigands, but few if any ever return to their homelands. In the dark annals of the Unending Crusade, there are dozens upon dozens of bands and companies which have been raised to throw back the foe, and The Company of the Black Hand is one of their number. Old by any standard, it carries a spotted past, and an uncertain future.

When they were first formed in the early and optimistic years of the Unending Crusade, they gained their name by the origin of the majority of their warriors. Brave warriors from the lands of New Carthage and the nations further south, they had crossed great tracts of land and water to lend their skills and strength to halt the advancing foe. Their actions and bravery on the field soon earned them immortality after a fashion, with new Black Hands raising companies regularly as the centuries passed. Not all were as noble or successful as the first company though. The third was massacred to a man after being routed by an inferior foe, their will to fight broken by simple illusions. The eighth fled the burning city of Al Jazerit with packs loaded with plunder after they abandoned their posts during a brutal siege. The twentieth standing, commanded by Reynauld, was nearly wiped out when his hubris and arrogance lead them into a fight that they could not win. Shattered, and carrying the guilt of his comrade’s deaths, Reynauld has sworn to reform the company with new Black Hands to stand against the foe once again.

The village has become the new home to the Company of the Black Hand, the corrupted lands and poisoned earth of the place providing a campaign to temper the new Black Hands. As new recruits begin arriving from the lands of New Carthage and the splintered states of Europa, the Company breaths new life; but has Reynauld once again taken on a task that is more than mortal flesh and mind can handle? The scion of House D’Caramino has made great demands of the newly reformed company, and the perils of the Darkest Dungeon may prove too great for any to cleanse.

Formed: Year 14 of the Unending Crusade
Standing: The 21st Stand To Arms
Origin: New Carthage
Nicknames: “Black Hand”, “Black Hands/Handers”
A sable rimmed shield, with a sunburst on a sanguine field, mounted by a clenched sable fist. The symbolism reflects the origin of The Company of the Black Hand, the dried blood of a hundred battlefields, the and the light which they fight for.

No force survives without leaders, pity that some are better than others…

Reynauld of Matinbourg (Crusader), Knight Commander of the Company

The Black Hands of the Company, driven by circumstance into the cauldron of battle.

Dismas (Highwayman)
Stukely of the Rabyanah Sisterhood (Vestal)
Sacquerville of Arles-aux-Mare (Plague Doctor)
Medley (Grave Robber)
Lucy of the Sand Tribes (Hellion)

Role of Honour:
Where the fallen are remembered.

Role of the Departed:
Not all are of the right mind for this grim work, remember those who left alive.