Episode #1: Arrival
Death follows the Crusader, and its touch has left him alone save for a miserable Highwayman named Dismas w ho joined him on the road. Seeking to rebuild his company and redeem himself, Reynauld has taken on the onerous task of cleansing the fetid lands and ruins of the House of D’Caramino. After a brutal ambush on the road to the village, Reynauld and Dismas are joined by the Vestal Stukely, and the Plague Doctor, Sacquerville. Armed and equipped, Reynauld leads them into their first foray in the Darkest Dungeon. Their first steps in to the oppressive atmosphere of the ruins begins to wear immediately on their hardened psyches. The rigors of war have ill prepared them to battle the unholy an undead things they find in the ruins. While they find some treasure, the cost of the task they have taken on already lays heavy across their shoulders. What’s worse is that the livery and arms of the creatures matches that of the D’Caramino family’s company of guards and armsmen…

Episode #2: The Clearances Part One
Undaunted by the dark findings of the first foray into the ruins, Reynauld gathers two of the new recruits, Lucy the Hellion and Medley the Grave Robber, who join him and Stukely in a second mission into the rubble strewn halls and horror filled rooms of the ruins in an effort to clear more of it of the unclean denizens who now roam freely there. The strain of the first assault shows quickly though, as the band swiftly descends into the dark places that a mind is not meant to tarry. Even as they pile the bodies of their foes behind them, leaving them to drip their corrupted ichor, they begin to turn on each other, the darkness of the walls around them seeping into their very souls even as they fight for their lives. Finally, driven by hunger, they are forced back to the village…

Meanwhile, in the village, the Scion has gone about their business, convincing businesses to open and bringing in staff to the public house and nuns to the abbey. There are few of them though, beyond those who are needed to support the reconstituting Company of the Black Hand. As all this occurs, Dismas and Sacquerville begin searching the abandoned homes, one in hopes of finding the paltry “treasures” of the long gone peasants, and the other out of morbid curiosity for what maladies afflicted them. Stumbling through the sprawling and dilapidated homes, both soon feel that more happened than the pressure of bandits or the sickened actions of cultists. Strange fungus covers some buildings, and many are burned. A frown creasing the face hidden by her mask, Sacquerville reigns in Dismas, her medical senses screaming warnings. Looking out from their window, the Scion frowns as they see the party returning from the ruins.