The Hellbreach Chronicles

The Hellbreach Chronicles are story enhanced (read: my head-canon) rounds of Darkest Dungeon; following the trials and tribulations of the Company of the Black Hand, a band of mercenaries hired by the scion of the House of D’Caramino to cleanse the family lands of the corruption unleashed by their foolish ancestor, the now dead Count Antonio D’Caramino.
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Along the coast of the sea lay the lands of the D’Caramino family. Coming to them can be felt in the very bones, as the shadows deepen unnaturally and feeling the deep, corrupting blight sets into every growth and creature of the place the closer you come to the village. Peasants huddle in the homes by night, their fearful lips mumbling prayers and benedictions until sleep claims them, never knowing if they should risk the things in the dark or what the dim light of their tallow candles would attract. The lands are lawless, and brigands roam the wilds freely, victimizing the unlucky few they can catch. Meanwhile, the corruption continues to produce horrid abominations that the mind recoils from. The air hangs heavy with the weight of the unknown and unknowable evil that eats at the very soul of the land.

A scion of the House of D’Caramino has been summoned back to the lands after years abroad. Aghast, they found their once noble home and lineage reduced by one man’s obsession and madness. Gibbering madmen in the asylum, the degraded and damaged remnants of the workers who lost their minds unearthing that which should have been left buried, told tales of the unspeakable when questioned. Or at least, those who still possessed the wits and capability did. Beset by guilt, the scion left the place of howling madness and set about trying to retake control over the destiny of their lands. Months passed before a response came to the efforts of the agents left behind in lands untouched by the blight of things best unknown. A band of mercenaries was returning from the latest crusade into the Holy Lands, and was desperate for cash enough to risk their lives for an unknown cause.

Now that the road is clear, and word has spread, mercenaries and adventurers alike have begun to travel to the darkened lands of House D’Caramino. How many will survive is a different question though…