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Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

SW-THE-FORCE-AWAKENSI’m the first to admit that I do not get out to see movies very often, but the new Star Wars film was too much to avoid. So I ponied up the cash for a 3D Ultra AVX experience and went in for the last showing of the evening. Then, after sitting through 20 minutes of commercials and mobile game tie-ins, the music sounded and a very familiar script appeared. In case you haven’t seen it yet, there are serious SPOILERS ahead.
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Examination: Rifts


I’ll start with full disclosure, when I was growing up, and in the nerd circles I hung around with (pre-internet nerds were more social I think), if you weren’t playing 2e Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, odds are, you were playing a game by Palladium Books. Most likely, you were playing that crazy roller coaster of instability, Rifts. As a kid, I loved this game, and it still pulls on the old nostalgia strings. As an adult, looking at it, I shake my head in wonder at just about everything, then flip to the cool power armour suits and equipment section. It deserves a more attentive look now though, as the first part of the Review and Revise post category.

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