Patreon Plan

Patreon. It’s a thing, and I’ve got one! So what’s the plan, and what’s going on with it? Well, first and foremost, it’s the most direct way to support what I do here on POCGamer on a regular basis. The posts, the Twitter rants, the Lore Diver videos, maintaining the site, upgrading hardware and software; monetary support helps all of that come together. But I also get that rewards are very much a thing on Patreon, and I want to offer something extra in return for the people who help keep this all going forwards. 

When I first launched my Patreon, I offered a monthly reward for followers, the primary component of which as a hexcrawl micro-map. It wasn’t just a map though, it was a short scenario, random roll tables, and a set of experimental hexcrawling rules. It was fun to make, but the limited ability to build continuity, to build a world, was getting me down. So after some thought, I took stock the resources I have, and and laid out a plan. But what is that plan?

The Plan

The plan is achievable, and reasonable!

  • Annual Maps: Every year I’ll make some maps and release them out to my supporters from the $5 or higher levels. Expect three to six high definition maps!
  • Discord Access: I’ve learned a lot about Discord through 2020, so it’s not the wasteland it was, and it’s open to all supporters at every level.
  • YouTube Thanks Card: at the end of every POCGamer video I make, if you’re a $5 or higher supporter, your name will be on there.
  • Random Free Stuff and Discounts in the GBDW shop: Every so often I’ll drop free games into the Discord, or provide a key for discounts, keep your eyes peeled!

What About Mjhalo?

This goal, this reward, exploded past the levels I thought it would when I got started. There’s going to be a hefty discount for my Patreon supporters when it’s done, but it’s going to be a whole game. So it’s still happening, but to achieve it as an annual reward was impossible. It would be a full time job. I sincerely apologize if you supported me just for it, but it’s going to be so much more than what I thought it would be.