Patreon Plan

Patreon. It’s a thing, and I’ve got one! So what’s the plan, and what’s going on with it? Well, first and foremost, it’s the most direct way to support what I do here on POCGamer on a regular basis. The posts, the Twitter rants, the Lore Diver videos, maintaining the site, upgrading hardware and software; monetary support helps all of that come together. But I also get that rewards are very much a thing on Patreon, and I want to offer something extra in return for the people who help keep this all going forwards. 

When I first launched my Patreon, I offered a monthly reward for followers, the primary component of which as a hexcrawl micro-map. It wasn’t just a map though, it was a short scenario, random roll tables, and a set of experimental hexcrawling rules. It was fun to make, but the limited ability to build continuity, to build a world, was getting me down. So after some thought, I took stock the resources I have, and and laid out a plan. But what is that plan?

The Plan

Each year, I’ll kick off with a map. This is the start to it all. All my supporters at $5 or more get this map, and updated versions of it as it develops through the year. Develop? That’s right. Through the year, I’ll be developing that part of the world, culminating in an updated map and a world book to match it. This world book will be exported into convenient pdf format, and be a handy system agnostic setting. Then it starts all over again the next year! The only change being that as the new part of the world develops, the older area will receive updates to reflect its connection to and interactions with the new area. These will be chronicled in an annual. All patrons $5 and above per month will get a good to complete discount (level of support dependent) on the final product and the annual when they’re released in my store.

What resources will I be using for this?


World Writing**:

I’ve taken pokes at writing for game worlds before, with Explorers of Arikos and Ruin World Iosterra. Both of these worlds were the result of limited time events; WA Summer Camp and World Ember 2018 respectively; and are good representations of where my writing is at if you’re curious. Both of these places suffered from the same issue though, they were time limited. I may one day return to them, but this is a fresh and ongoing project. So, in essence, I will be creating part of a large, detailed world every year. Supporting POCGamer on Patreon means that in addition to supporting the regular stuff I do, like posts, Lord Diver videos, Twitter rants, and so on; you get access to this world.

For full details of the rewards and benefits for supporters on Patreon, check out my page there. Thank you for you support, every bit counts!

*all are held at a commercial level

** Grandmaster level Guild Member