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Luke Cage Review

luke_cageLuke Cage. Arguably the year’s most awaited Netflix series, dropped on the 30th of September. Netflix then crashed. Are the two related? I like to hope so. So I mainlined the entire series on the following Sunday, had a good think on it all, and now it’s time for a review. Spoilers ahead.
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Suicide Squad Review

Suicide_Squad_LogoSo, a few weeks ago, the much awaited Suicide Squad movie was released. Coming on the heels of the mixed reviews for Batman v Superman, there was a lot riding on it. DC and Warner Entertainment have been batting long odds against the successful Marvel and Disney driven Avengers series of movies. So, not having seen any of the new Superman films, or Batman v Superman, I went in with no expectations save for that something would be projected on the screen in front of me. Spoilers ahead (if that still matters).
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RIP Sleepy Hollow

SH RIPSleepy Hollow was a series that started with an amazing amount of promise. Abbie Mills and Ichabod Crane, in a decently built if predictable biblical supernatural thriller. Sure, the show grated at times, and the hero worship of the American Founding Fathers and demonization of the British was painful almost constantly, but it worked. The chemistry between the two was amazing, and a tight storyline brought it all home. Then, the series shit the bed, and didn’t stop until they all be destroyed the franchise, which brings us to today.
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Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

SW-THE-FORCE-AWAKENSI’m the first to admit that I do not get out to see movies very often, but the new Star Wars film was too much to avoid. So I ponied up the cash for a 3D Ultra AVX experience and went in for the last showing of the evening. Then, after sitting through 20 minutes of commercials and mobile game tie-ins, the music sounded and a very familiar script appeared. In case you haven’t seen it yet, there are serious SPOILERS ahead.
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