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Star Wars Ep. VII Primer

2000px-Star_Wars_Logo.svgThere have been a lot of speculations and posts on the state of the Star Wars universe in the latest film, The Force Awakens. So this is a brief to get new and old fans up to speed. This has been gathered together from solid sources, and from a critical examination of information in the film itself.
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It’s Not Fair?

POCGamer GrenadeWith the arrival of 2015 has come the arrival of movie announcements for the coming year and for 2016. It’s a great looking season for science fiction and fiction, with Star Wars episode VII, The Fantastic Four, a live action Ghost in the Shell, and the announcement of Spider-Man coming to the Disney based Marvel Cinematic Universe all in the pipe, and it has got the nerd world on fire. Unfortunately, it’s not on fire in a good way. Once again, issues of ethnicity and whitewashing have been slammed to the fore of the discussion.
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