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Making Rifts Make More Sense

Rifts_LogoRifts has long been a love hate affair for me as a gamer and as a GM. On one hand, I love the endless parade of crazy technology, the variety of enemies and challenges, and the vague meta plots that lay around for ages before someone does something about them. On the other hand, the world is broken as all hell, consistency is spotty at best, and the world mechanics of the entire thing leave a lot to be desired. So, what to do about it? Well, make it make sense!

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Technospank: Rifts Northern Gun 1 and 2

Rifts_LogoSo, I’ve mentioned in a previous post that when I was a kid, Rifts was *The* alternate game in my circles if we weren’t playing D&D. It only narrowly beat out Heavy Gear because while we played that more intensely when we played it, in retrospect we played Rifts more often. Rifts wasn’t without its own issues though, as I discussed briefly in that post as well. [1] Even with those issues though, I still get excited when certain things get released, like Triax 2, or the more recent Rifts Worldbooks, Northern Gun 1 and Northern Gun 2, so lets take a look at what we got!
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Examination: Rifts


I’ll start with full disclosure, when I was growing up, and in the nerd circles I hung around with (pre-internet nerds were more social I think), if you weren’t playing 2e Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, odds are, you were playing a game by Palladium Books. Most likely, you were playing that crazy roller coaster of instability, Rifts. As a kid, I loved this game, and it still pulls on the old nostalgia strings. As an adult, looking at it, I shake my head in wonder at just about everything, then flip to the cool power armour suits and equipment section. It deserves a more attentive look now though, as the first part of the Review and Revise post category.

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Missing the Point part 1

POCGamer GrenadeSo, as I’ve explored the internets in my quest to rapidly expand my breadth and depth of knowledge on the subject of racism and SF&F culture, I’ve come across a disturbing, but sadly predictable trend within the tabletop gaming culture towards POC asking for increased recognition and inclusion in gaming materials. The trend is “Missing the Point”. Tabletop roleplaying is all about several things. Wish fulfilment. Escapism. Imagination. Power fantasies. Story telling. POC want these things too, but are currently, largely, denied it in official materials and canon resources. When a POC or supportive non-POC brings up the subject of racism in tabletop gaming, or of lack of inclusion of POC or other minorities in gaming materials, the result is the same. The POC or commenter is immediately attacked, the discussion hijacked or derailed, and the point they were trying to raise is utterly and completely missed by the attackers or the non-commenting population. Where did this attitude come from?
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