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Diversity Fail by Marvel (Again)

marvel logoIn comics, when something needs to be changed in a character who has already been established for whatever reason, it’s called a retcon. This is short for “retroactive continuity”, and it comes in two broad flavours, hard and soft. DC favours hard reset retcons that rebooted the entire universe, and until recently, Marvel preferred soft ones that occurred in book. Until recently, I preferred the soft ones too, since when I saw them previously, they were used to gently “bump” things to help keep the system on track. For example, Professor X was turned into a Vietnam veteran from a Korean War veteran to bump the X-Men forward in time because the Marvel Universe doesn’t deal well with the passage of time (the original X-Men should all be in their sixties, and Iron Man should be well into his seventies or early eighties). I’m writing about this because comic books are an easily accessed medium for people interested in SFF.
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