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Black Lightning Review

Last night, Black Lightning debuted on The CW, a channel noted for its high quality adaptations of DC properties. Fighting for space against the upcoming Black Panther film by Marvel and Netflix’s second season of Luke Cage later this year, how does it all go down?  Time for a spoiler packed review!
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Suicide Squad Review

Suicide_Squad_LogoSo, a few weeks ago, the much awaited Suicide Squad movie was released. Coming on the heels of the mixed reviews for Batman v Superman, there was a lot riding on it. DC and Warner Entertainment have been batting long odds against the successful Marvel and Disney driven Avengers series of movies. So, not having seen any of the new Superman films, or Batman v Superman, I went in with no expectations save for that something would be projected on the screen in front of me. Spoilers ahead (if that still matters).
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Cyborg Re-humanized

Cyborg_(2015)_DC_logoLet’s start this one with a full disclosure. By the time I was old enough to read comics and understand them as more than just really cool pictures, there weren’t a lot of POC characters floating around. The first one I saw in print was Cyborg, and honestly, I think it affected me a lot more than I probably thought. Cybernetics and robotics remain some of my favourite things in comics, games, and in my own artistic dabbles. And as with so many things, as I’ve gotten older, I’ve looked back to examine things I liked in the past. Now, recently, partly in response to the DCAU’s Justice League animated features, Robert Jones Jr. wrote an interesting piece on the emasculation of Cyborg as part of a larger trope of neutering male POC characters. [1] I agree in parts, and disagree in others (for example, in the movie he cited, Batman, the Flash, and Cyborg do not call “dibs” on Wonder Woman), but things have changed since the original pre-Crisis Cyborg and the stumbling start of the New 52 Cyborg.
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