Lore Diver Episode 1

That’s right! I went live last Sunday night with the first episode of Lore Diver, the official POCGamer podcast! Join me in series one as I dive into the lore about Chult, the Chultan Peninsula, and its peoples. Show details below! (Skip to 09:30 in the video for content)

Lore Diver is an ongoing series where I’ll be looking at and critiquing the lore of RPGs, diving into the history, changes, current state, and potential uses in game. The first series, on Chult and the Chultan Peninsula in the Forgotten Realms setting for Dungeons & Dragons will be cast on a weekly basis at 8pm PDT/PST on Sundays. After that, it will be moving to a biweekly format; the reason being I have all the research for Chult and the Chultan Peninsula done, and once that’s over, I need to research prior to new episodes. Episodes will be live cast from Twitch, uploaded directly to YouTube afterwards. Audio recordings will come here within a few days, where they’ll be made available through WP to iTunes and Google Play. Want to read bout Chult in 5e and the Tomb of Annihilation? Start here! Don’t forget to like and subscribe to the YouTube and follow me on Twitter and Twitch!