About POCGamer

What is POCGamer all about? In a nutshell, a lot.

POCGamer Logo POCGamer is a blog all about science fiction and fantasy, across all platforms and media types, as seen from the perspective of a POC. Games are a focus, and how the site got started, but not *the* focus of the site. It’s also important to point out that everything posted here is my opinion, and not that of every POC on the planet. Main topics I aim to discuss are narratives, racism in both material and the industry, to talk about gaming (in most forms), and to work with existing material as well as my own to try to shift ideas and perceptions.

Science fiction and fantasy, or SF&F as you’ll often see me abbreviate, are two of the most versatile and expansive genres to work in, no matter what aspect of them you’re looking at. Movies, TV shows, literature, boardgames, RPGs, magazines, comic books, and video games all have SF&F material. They also have a lot of unexamined or under-examined issues, all of which I plan to take a look at and breakdown not just from a consumer’s point of view, but from a near academic point of view as well. The latter is why you’ll see links to supporting material through the posts here, a good argument or statement has good support. I say near academic because I’m using popular sources for this for the most part.

Things you’ll see here are measured critiques, examinations, and arguments. Things you won’t see are unsupported ideas or ideology, or afrocentrism. The latter of which being an issue of bias and misinformation that will be examined in another blog to be launched soon. Suffice to say for here, for me, Afrofuturism ≠ Afrocentrism, and there are many ways to be Black, all of which have their own stories and voices.

POCGrenade image, header, and associated material are © Graeme A. Barber, all rights reserved.

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