4 comments on “Rifts Africa: A Review

  1. 7/71 would be 9.8%, I think you misplaced the zeroes. Good post though!

  2. I’m kinda surprised but happy that you went back in and took another look at the Pinto of the Rifts line. I found your blog by accident on google for your original review and decided to check it out to see what someone else thought of that book. I admit that my review of it mostly just involved picking it up, flipping through it to see if anything looked interesting, and putting it back down thinking “Wow… that’s supposed to represent the vast continent of Africa…”. It really looked like a book that the author really didn’t want to write but was being forced to by someone up the ladder so they went out of their way to make it really tone deaf by 90s standards. But this was KS who was largely responsible for it.

    I salute you for your sacrifice of reading this book in detail. Without it I wouldn’t have realized how truely bad it was, for instance, with things like your breakdown of the artwork. Thank you!

    • I’m not going to lie, it was a painful slog. I knew it wasn’t great, but damn. Adding insult to injury though was the Aftermath book’s approach to things. Instead of presenitng a world that had moved forward in time, it basically crystalized the rest of the planet while one part of North America got to have its plot move forwards.

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