2 comments on “Tomb of Annihilation Additions: Adventurers League

  1. Hi Graeme: I think it would be great to get Graeme’s Guide to Chult and/or Graeme’s Guide to Running ToA Better. I would love to see all of your thoughtful analysis condensed into a practical guide that a DM could use at the table to overlay the existing adventure.

    • I’ll second Scott’s comment. I’d love to see that as well!

      On my own, I have also been toying around with a re-imaging of ToA from the Chultan’s perspective. It doesn’t really change the adventure dramatically, but has completely different story hook(s) and then brings certain buried potential subplots more to the front (like the contested rulership of Omu between the Yuan-Ti, Ras Nsi, Mwaxanaré, and Zalkoré), doing more with Ras Nsi and his complicated background than just a making him a pitiful villain that even his own followers want to be rid of, investigating Ubtao’s silence, etc. Perhaps cap it off with the PCs having the opportunity to become new barae and/or visit Hidden Mezro.

      The pieces are all there, but mainly it needs new connective tissue. In fact, it could potentially even connect things together more thematically. In standard ToA, Acererak just picks Chult because it’s “remote” and foreigners drop in, fight through some dungeons they have no personal stake in to defeat the bad guy at the end. However, re-imaging it from the perspective of the people who live there – not only has their land been devastated with their greatest city gone, but their god has fallen silent, foreigners see them as just a land to colonize (possibly not even worth that effort), and then Acererak shows up as the most egregious colonizer – both further ruining the land with spreading undead as well as twisting the Nine Gods to his purpose as cultural appropriation taken to it’s most awful extreme. Foreigners want to stop this because of reincarnation or whatever, but for the people of Chult, this is their home that is under attack!

      ToA could be about people saving their home and reclaiming what’s theirs after devastating events. With Ubtao’s silence, they are being forced to walk the maze back to him rather than relying on his guidance. It’s about going from the being the children of Ubtao to the (far from poetically worded) grown adult workers of Ubtao in the world. Thematically, it could be about self-rule and autonomy and rebirth rather than a generic Allan Quartermain/Indiana Jones and the Lost Temple of Interchangeable-Threat. (Speaking of interchangeable – something else that bugged me is that if you replaced what’s in the finale with some other big evil monster that must be stopped, does ANY of the other encounters or locations need to change? ToA has some interesting stuff in it, but the connective tissue REALLY needs help for a variety of reasons. That monster at the finale could have A LOT of story potential tying into the overall plot rather than just being a vacuum cleaner of souls.)

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