2 comments on “Editions War Part Four: 3/3.5e D&D

  1. I’m curious as to your thoughts on the impact of computer games like Diablo on the development of the feat system for this rules set.

    One of the biggest complaints I’ve heard about 4th edition is how closely it mirrors MMORPG systems like World of Warcraft. However, many seem quick to forget how closely 3.0 mirrored the skill trees of ACRPG’s. If I remember, there was even a Diablo module released shortly after the rule set came out.

    I’m really enjoying these retrospectives. Thanks and keep up the great work.

  2. Interesting look at my favorite edition of the franchise. I will be posting my article on why our group chose to run Pathfinder and also include history and some of the differences between it and the other systems. I personally disagree with your rating of the system but you did bring up valid points in your piece however I still feel it deserve a couple of more points.

    One thing I feel you should have mentioned in the conclusion is that with Pathfinder out now and the easy conversion it has really added life to my older books and PDFs. I am actually thinking of buying some of the 3.5 books, specifically campaign settings because the writing and flavor is still something to be desired in Paizo publications.

    All in all, glad to read some of you entries, look forward to reading more. Please check out my page if ya feel like it and got the time, we have a podcast and blog which also discusses RPGs, Boardgames, Movies and all things nerd related.

    have a great week

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