6 comments on “Tomb of Annihilation Review Part 3: World Building

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  3. Thank you very much for the in-depth review. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your breakdown of the adventure, and find myself in agreement. It is a good adventure, but as a sourcebook it is lacking. I would have loved to see a crafted setting that would have allowed players choosing to play characters with a Chult background, and a good exploration of the culture and history of those peoples, instead of just assuming the characters would all be European equivalents dropped into the setting, and blending in about as well as Dr. Marcus Brody.

    I mean, think about how awesome it would have been to play characters that were responsible for thwarting the machinations of Acererak, preventing the birth of a new evil god, and fighting to bring back the favor of a benevolent god, all done in a setting rich with its own cultures and not relying upon the tropes of the Red Wizards or the Flaming Fists.

    As it currently stands, I find that it reminds me more of old Expert modules like X1: Isle of Dread (including the maps to be filled in by players, and dinosaurapalooza). As an adventure, it can be a blast. But it does have all the trappings of colonialism, including a story arc about finding a Dr. Livingstone equivalent…

  4. I’ve enjoyed reading your break down of ToA. After your first section, I shared it with a friend. Who then challenged me to create a game for this setting. I pulled several DM Guilds published pieces for more material, and found still find them lack as well. As I begin to process and plan, I notice that in none of the materials does it mention the Chultans source of Arcane, Bardic, Druidic, or Rouge schools or organizations. So are all of these skills and sources for training from outside? I’m having to invent these places. The then there is a brief mention of the Beggar Princes. This would have been a great source of information and tense in area, even after ToA is resolved. Another section I’m having to invent.I’m having to figure out way to syncretize Ubtao in the temple for Clerical options. As I dig in more I’m certain that there is much more that I’ll have to create.

    For this game the players will be required to play natives of the Chult, I’ve figured at least 6 race options for them, 2 of which are Lycan.

    • Good luck with your project!

      I found The Grand History of the Realms, and Serpent Kingdoms (both 3.5e) to be great information sources for the general region and its deep history with the larger FRCS. I found the following canonicaly native to Chult player races between 2e AD&D and 5e:
      – Human (Chultan, Amnian, Tethyrian, Calishite, Illuskan)
      – Dwarf (Wild, Albino, Gold)
      – Elf (Wild)
      – Half Elf (only mentioned as being specifically Chultan)
      – Aarakocra
      – Lizardfolk
      – Yuan-ti
      – Tortle
      – Naga

      Hope that helps!

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