5 comments on “Tomb of Annihilation Review Part 2: The Adventure

  1. Very good review! On Acererak’s machinations not earning the wrath of the gods, correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t one of the meta-developments in Forgotten Realms lore at some point around 4e that it got harder for the gods to directly intervene in the prime material plane in some vague, nebulous way? Isn’t that why the cultists in the Rise of Tiamat adventure need to go through all that trouble with the masks in order to enable Tiamat to manifest physically?

    • Good point. One of the meta elements is that the gods have gotten “quieter”, but they are still active, and still tied to followers to exist. Suddenly seeing all the dead souls stop showing up would start ringing alarm bells that something was up; so that even with the reduced direct action on the prime material plane, you’d think there’d at least be some dreams or something to nudge followers to solve the problem.

  2. It looks like a good opportunity for someone to build a Jungle-based campaign setting that could then be used as a substitute for sketchy or unpopulated areas in an existing campaign. Other than what you’ve mentioned here, I don’t even think I’ve read any books related to jungle settings and fantasy. It also looks like a missed opportunity to flesh out Chult on Wizard’s part, but it does give plenty of room for creative DMs to flesh it out I suppose. Very interesting.

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