2 comments on “The Defenders Review

  1. “He spouts nonsense about K’un-Lun constantly, as though he watched it all on TV or had classes on it, not as though it was a lived experience; and he goes on about how he “lost everything”. He lost fuck nothing. He lost his parents.” *slow clap* Yassss!

  2. Have to disagree on one point with Danny Rand. There was a scene I really enjoyed where Luke Cage and Danny got into it because Danny could not see his privilege in relation to the other charatcers. I think the scene was well-played and is what I wanted to see and why I disagreed with the majoritiy about Danny being the “entitled white man.” Danny’s wealth, status, and blindness to privilege is ripe for exploring how he interfaces with the other Dedenders who all belong tp marginalized groups. I think that story needs to be explored more, not for me as a PoC but for white moderates who may not yet understand privilege. I wish the show had pursued it more, though not too the point it became preachy.

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