3 comments on “Star Wars The Force Awakens Review

  1. I don’t think a Rey to Luke comparison works. Rey and Kylo both map on to parts of Annakin Skywalker, I feel. Rey is still quite a bit of a cypher, could go lots of ways…

    Finn starts as such a blank slate (richly characterized for a blank slate, but still…) that he has tons of room for a dynamic character arc over multiple movies and/or tie-in series. There was a big, disappointing lack of any other Stormtrooper turncoats in this one. Hope they fix that going forward…

    I missed most of the hype for this, so Finn doesn’t feel like bait and switch, but when I see the marketing they did put out, yeah, F that. He holds up the whole plot and drives it forward, like Leia in A New Hope.

    • The comparison is quite accurate. Rey leaps from zero to superhero in nothing flat; there’s no journey part to her hero’s journey. She’s good at literally everything immediately with no supporting development or back story. If they had decided to have the Supreme Leader show up, she would have beaten him, because “The Force”. It’s bad writing and horrible character development.

      Finn should not be. People taken at birth, and indoctrinated/trained to be warriors their entire lives do not have charming personalities or “normal” human traits. That’s why I compared him to the main character from Soldier. It’s not impossible for that sort of training to be broken, but it’s not going to result in Finn’s character either. He should have been the new complex morality character, instead we get a deserter stereotype and a bundle of the lighter end of Black stereotypes. The fact that he was sanitation made even less sense, since that’d be a tremendous waste of effort on the part of the First Order. The reason there weren’t more turncoats is exactly because of indoctrination and training, which failed, apparently without notice, with Finn.

      My chief complaint is that, if you were to cut out Finn and replace him with a Resistance spy who dies breaking out Poe, and a an intelligence report about the Star Killer, you don’t actually lose anything from the film. Han still would have gone to knock out the shields and rescue Rey. Rey still would have darted for the Millennium Falcon, and the attack still would have gone off. He doesn’t actually serve a purpose, which is why I characterised him as barely being a secondary character.

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