7 comments on “Mired in the Past

  1. This is an absolutely fantastic discussion of the old “hybrid=Bad” trope that is so common in many fantasy game settings.

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  6. I know it’s a few years late, but this was the appropriate article for my question.. though I do touch on some things in a recent Eladrin-related article.

    Are there positive (or at the least ‘acceptable’) uses for ‘half-breed’ archetypes and designations? For instance, my current idea for the creation of dwarves, gnomes, and humans is the interbreeding of the elves of nature (loosely based in norse myth) and the elves of magic (loosely based on irish myth). The elves of nature and magic themselves each have subraces, based on the climate they’re born in more than anything else, and there’s no inherent discrimination against the half-blooded races – save from the semi-obligatory Master Race sect of elves who sit in their corner empire and stew about not living up to their own hype. Humans, dwarves, and gnomes suffer a lessened lifespan from the incompatable magicks, but gain easier variety in skill and ability provided regional access to training if needed.
    Does this seem okay, or is the trope still harmful in this context?

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